L2QuickHero - Lineage 2 QuickHero Interlude.

Chronicle Interlude

Rates All x1000 (PVP)
Main town Giran
Starting/Subclass level: 80


Global Gateekeper
GMSHOP (free B-Grade items)
Buffer (fast buffer and scheme buffer)
Skill Enchanter (All Classes)
Subclass Manager (All Classes)
Augment Manager
Siege Manager
Event Manager

Custom Shop:

Armors: Apella Armors, Quick Armors(Apella Animation Modified texture+animation you need to see that!) (100% balanced)
Weapons: S-Grade Weapons, Quick Weapons (Animation Modified texture+animation you need to see that!) (100% balanced)
Accessories: +300 P.def, +300 M.def


Buffs Slots: 54 Buffs, All buffs in NPC Buffer and Scheme System


Safe: +4 Max: +20
More Info Here Copy and paste in your browser to download >> Normal Enchant: Max +16. Fail = You get Crystals
Blessed Enchant: Max +16 From 16 To 20 With Cristal. Never fail
Cristal Scroll: 0-20 +20 Fail? Keep current enchant level.

Augment System:

Top Grade Life Stone: 5% Chance
High Grade Life Stone: 3% Chance
Mid Grade Life Stone: 1% Chance
Max 1 Active + 1 Passive skill


Apella/Quick Armors and Quick Weapons obtainable by killing Raid Bosses.
Everything else obtainable in Farm Zone Party Zone.

Castle Sieges:

Castles:All Castles
Siege Period: Every 5-6 days
Siege Duration: 120 minutes duration

Only registered clans can join the siege


Period: 3-4 days
Time: 18h to 24h GMT +1
Items: Grade A / No Custom
Enchant: +20
Minimum 9 Matches(with at least 1 Win)to be Hero.

Raid Drops 76+: RESPAWN 1H

X1 Weapon (Random 3%)
X1 Apella Armor (Random 10%)
X1 Clan Rep Random

Epic Boss Drops 76+:

X2 Weapon (Random 100%)
X2 Apella Armor (Random 100%)
X1 Clan Rep Random
X5 Donator Coin (100%)

Epic Boss:

Queen Ant: Resp 128h
Zaken: Resp 128h
Baium: Resp 128h
Antharas: Resp 128h
Valakas: Resp 128h


Party Farm
Team vs Team
Capture the Flag


Stable Platform
Interlude retail skills
Auto Learn Skills
Auto pick up Drop
Wedding System
Max 3 subclasses
Chance Minimum Debuffs - 10%
Chance Maximum Debuffs - 90%
Geodata and Pathnode
Offline Shop System
Vote Reward System


Injection Protections.
DDoS Protections.
Maximum number of 3 client windows running.
You can only go to the farm zone with 1 client per (HWID).
Use of Bots with automatic detection through Captcha. Penalty:Permanent ban.